Are you in the mood to be part of a rEvolution?!?

Women have lost jobs, career status, a year of our lives, and damn near lost our minds to The Shecession. Marie Hale, CEO and visionary talks with feminist leaders in all sectors about the atrocity of it all and how the hell we are going to bail out 7 million burned-out moms. Hold onto your pearls, because Marie’s asking the tough questions: Who’s to blame for all this? And what are we gonna wear when we dance in the flames? Tea will be spilled, and voices will be shrill. In this house, our guests are more than welcome to let their hair down and get a little unladylike. (Be warned, at times the language may get too spicy for little ears!) As our country recovers economically and culturally from everything that went wrong in 2020, those of us who have been marginalized will not go back to silence. We are on the verge of a work/life revolution, and the more diversity and inclusion we have in our ranks, the more equitable, successful, and long-lasting our new systems will be.