We need YOUR support as we change the world

@rEvolution is revolutionizing the working environment with the focus clearly on the working mother, her future, and giving families REAL choices about what life should look like.

We will be offering a multitude of options for family life including completely flexible hours and amounts of work desired, children’s education in all phases of eLearning and Home Schooling, and continuing education so that they stay at the top of their industry.

With national marketing and PR programs, we are looking for Advocates to partner with and highlight as pioneers for diversity and equality. As we create seismic shifts we are selecting Advocates that we can point to as examples of the kinds of heroes and visionaries we need to make lasting change for this world.

We need Accelerators like YOU!

Our Accelerators will be the partners that we work with to provide high-quality support, education, and resources for the Revolutionaries. As we launch into the national media, you will be the backbone and example of what it looks like to truly support continuing equality and diversity in multiple markets.

We will also be working with your teams to ensure that you are positioned to connect with our clients in a meaningful way. Through a variety of media campaigns, we will be crafting a message that supports your mission and goals, while you help our team reach ours. WIN WIN WIN is the only way we play.

The @rEvolutionaries
What's in it for you?
  • Logo on all collateral
  • Dedicated landing page
  • Inclusion in the onboarding process for Revolutionaries
  • Dedicated virtual event
  • Quarterly updated email list
  • Press release sent to wire
  • Branding on all digital events
  • Video interview
  • Inclusion in national media campaigns
  • Dedicated E-blasts
  • Social media promotion
  • Resources & education for your team
  • Additional options are available!